New journal pages

My art journal - I started in October 2009 - is almost full... for most drawing I used watercolour pencils, Derwent Aquatone, Faber Castell Pitt pen and Uni Ball Signo.

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  1. I'm loving your the sayings, the colors, the flowers, the drawings...
    Did you know as a "guide" on the human face that the inside corner of the eye if you were to draw a line straight down matches up with the outer edge of the nose. And that outside point of the mouth matches up with the pupil of the eye... unless you are doing something more abstract. Pretty cool! The ears line up pretty close too. Bottom of the ear lines up with the outside corner of the mouth. Bottom of the nose lines up to the center of the ear. Top of ear approx the center of the eye. Outer edge of the neck to the outer corner of the eye. The bottom lip is usually 1 1/2 bigger than the top lip. I love drawing the human is so fascinating. Hope you don't mind me sharing.