Altered Boxes

A wile ago I made some altered boxes ( see youtube video ) using compartment boxes from (under 'must haves'). Just a fun item to work with and they have so many possibilities but most important of all they are not expensive to buy :)

The first one I made was a plaque, using 1 box;

Then I made 2 more, by using 2 boxes you can made a little altered book box;

Us crafters always collect little pieces that we might use one day, these boxes are a fun way to display your little treasures.


  1. the plaque and the gear display book box.... terrific photo corner!!!
    Ant that birdcage charm is perfect for the bird box. TFS!

  2. Caroline, is that a polymer face? Do you make them? Just wondering because I have a number of molds if you don't....mind is ticking!

  3. Stunning artwork! Beautifully created!

  4. Hi Caroline,

    I am your 21st follower. :) Guess what? 21 is my lucky number. Hah!

    Your altered boxes are wonderful -- now I am in the mood for trying something similar.

    Happy creating,

  5. I love your boxes, especially the first one!

  6. i am in love with your boxes. really love the one that has the black around it and hangs. makes me wonder what treasures i have hiding in my studio that could be put on display. hmmmm...