Do you remember?

Need more space, finding new storage solutions… you might recognise this challenge with our ever growing stash. I started a sort of (stash) spring clean with the aim to reorganise and clear out. No need to mention that I was not able to let go of anything! When you are a crafter, every piece of material is a possible – future – project.

While reorganising I found my very first purchase ever… 2 stamps I bought at The Stampman in 2000. I was not actively crafting back then… it actually took another 9 years. Once bitten by the bug.. there was no hope for me and I thought... when did it get so out of hand he he...

Can you remember your very first purchase?

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  1. I was watching a craft show with Carol Duvall and they showed a stamp set from Stampendous.
    I had markers and colored pencils being an artist. So not only did I buy the lovely garden path set, I open an account so I could purchase and sell stamps. Then I opened accounts with a few other companies called PSX - Personal Stamp Exchange, Embossing Arts and Rubberstampead. That was back in the early 90's.
    I have since sold that very first stamp set.
    But I do have quit a few stamps from when I first started out. One of my favorites is a dancing pig. (now discontinued)
    Around the same time... I was in the Mall in Florida and I saw some one demonstrating how to emboss with embossing powders...I was fascinated. Purchased the embossing powders kit. I used to use a coffee/candle warmer to emboss with before I purchased my first heat gun.
    That is a little about my beginning with stamps and I have not looked back....