Holiday Impressions - Day 2

It is going too quick to my liking... I guess that's why they say " time flies while youre having fun".

To get to our hotel we have to climb a steep hill.. and I mean STEEP! I'm sure I already lost 5 kg and you could say this holiday is a healty one. We are lucky there is wifi ... not sure about the other places we go but I will try to post whenever I can and share some piccies :)

Anyway we visited Corfe Castle, transporting ourselves with the local steam train run by volunteers. At Corfe Castle we saw a midieval market with many fun things to see and do for young and old. Amazing that they started building this castle in 1068.

After a walk on the beach and an excellent meal we ended the day watching a (very noisy) heavy metal band playing at the pier. All in all another great day!

Victorian station

Knight in shining armour :)

Past glory


  1. This is lovely. Love the old suitcases where you are standing or is it yours? There is some amazing scenes over there.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs xx

  2. I agree with Nicole..those suitcases can go home with 2 looks like a whole lot to see and enjoy!

  3. I too love the old suitcases!

    It is a LONG time since I was at Corfe Castle, sounds to be a great day:)

    Jill x