“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”
Winston Churchill
My absence might not have been noticed but there have been some developments that have challenged me to find the time to blog. Work has keeping me busy and there has been little time to craft... boy do I miss it!

Also blogger is doing my head in... I am having problems leaving comments on blogs using my blogger account. I have no idea what is happening but... every time I want to leave a comment it is asking me my blogger details... and again... and again... It is driving me crazy :(

This all coinsides with a new computer we just bought... giving me a headache with the new filing system... I keep losing my files grrrrrr! Oh my... am I too old.. maybe I need an update LOL.

Most of all I am so very sad that my all time favourite craft shop - The stampman in Skipton - is closing it's doors after many years. Although the mail order service, their own stamp range, shows, challenges and swaps will continue as normal... I will so much miss being able to visit the shop. Jill and Ian are wonderful people with great knowledge through the many years of experience in the stamping business. They are the pioneers and it seems so unfair that they are so much affected by the current economic crisis.

They have a massive sale on (until June 20th) as they need to clear the warehouse before they move to smaller premesis. Don't miss this oppertunity to grab a bargain and visit them! In whatever way they continue I will always support them... they are just an amazing couple!!

The Stampman Shop
The Stampman Blog


  1. I can totally relate to the computer issues,as you well know....hope it get sorted out soon....I think it might be like getting a new car...each is basically the same but no two are exactly alike...can there ever be an exact duplicate of anything?

  2. I agree it is very sad Caroline - the open days will continue though in one of the church halls. Hopefully we will see more of them not less xx